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 2017 Toyota Sienna

A state with the natural beauty of Pennsylvania is bound to have a scenic drive or two. The Toyota Sienna is a van made for such trips. It would be hard to turn away from either. Combining the two of them would seem like a match made in heaven.

If you are considering a 2017 Toyota Sienna, just imagine yourself traveling through one of Pennsylvania’s many majestic backroads with the amazing Sienna underfoot.

To help you see the magic, here are some of Pennsylvania’s best scenic routes and more on the Toyota Sienna.

The Classic Laurel Hills Tour: this route goes 120 miles through the heart of the Allegheny Mountains. It also shares landscape with the Youghiogheny river and its tributary streams and creeks. Surrounding these two epic geological monuments are rolling hills, lush forests, and open farmlands.

You’ll also pass through many small towns, highlighted by Beaver Falls, where Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece awaits visitors, a home constructed overhanging a rushing river. Other attractions are Laurel Hill State Park, the town of Somerset, the town of Bedford, and Bald Knob summit.

North Central PA’s – Ride to the World’s End: the route has it all as far as spectacular natural views. It is a circular route than winds through northern Pennsylvania. Mountains, rock cliffs, rivers, and dense forests all populate this scenic route. Fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, and climbing are available along the way, ending in Worlds End State Park.

Grand Army of the Republic Highway Route 6: this route cuts across the top of Pennsylvania, going east and west. It is a significant stretch of highway because of the role the area and small towns that dot its path played in the Civil War. It sent thousands of its best young men to support the North in the Civil war, paying an extraordinary high price. It also fueled the industrial revolution and contributed again to WW1 and 2.

The ride itself has wide sweeps and gives a comprehensive view of Pennsylvania. Many of the small towns retain many of their characteristics of earlier times. Stopping in for a closer look are a more than worthwhile experience.

With a host of terrific Mini-Van choices, the Toyota Sienna has always been one of the best. Attractive by integrating the design features of its sedans, the Sienna is a mini-van that has most resisted the boxy shape and image of its category.

The exterior stays mostly the same for 2017, while the Sienna makes most its moves underneath the hood.

The 2017 Sienna increases in power significantly. It also offers AWD to become the only Mini-Van to do so as well. With added performance to go along with the many attributes of the Sienna, Toyota presents a more than competent vehicle that van buyers may find hard to resist.

An already powerful 3.5L V6 engine gets even more in the Sienna for 2017, as it increases from 266hp to 296hp. Torque goes up from 248lb-ft to 263lb-ft as well. An all-new Direct shift 8-speed automatic transmission goes in for 2017 bringing with it smoother acceleration and better gas mileage.

Available AWD is available in the Sienna and automatically and evenly distributes power from front to back for a better control. With sport tuned suspension on the SE, handling is refined, making Van driving fun.

The Sienna is as sporting looking as it is functional. Aerodynamic with bold sweeping lines, the exterior of the Sienna makes a case for a visual stunner. The front of the Sienna is nicely shaped and conveys modern sophistication. The grille is available in chrome or sport mesh to appeal to different tastes. Available LED head and taillights make the Sienna standout even more. Up top, the Sienna comes with a black roof rails.

Visit your nearest South Hills Toyota dealership and explore the 2017 Toyota Sienna and it will help you explore the scenic views of Pennsylvania.

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2017 Toyota Tacoma | South Hills Toyota | Canonsburg, PA


The 2017 Toyota Tacoma’s supreme capabilities and the impact of racing

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma has it all. A 2016 Kelly Blue Book best resale value recipient, the Tacoma of 2017 surpasses last year’s mid-sized truck to deliver segment best power, performance, and capability.

In the Tacoma, it is mainly about capability. It has an available 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine that offers the perfect combination of efficiency and power.

Two different transmissions options are available depending on how much control you desire. The first is the 6-speed automatic transmission that comes standard on each model, but the other option is the 6-speed manual that puts you in complete control.

These powerful engine and transmission options allow the Tacoma to have some impressive capabilities including a towing capacity of up to 6,800 pounds.

Racing allows for great performance of the Tacoma as well as all passenger vehicles

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma is a top performing truck. But it didn’t get their alone. With a new start to the racing season, it is perhaps worth a look to see how the sport of automobile racing has impacted passenger vehicles.

Dangerous, heroic and exciting, racing in America and in the World, has not only inspired and transfixed racing fans addicted to its full throttle action, but it has also impacted our ever day lives in tremendously positive ways. It has done so by developing innovative technology. Technology that eventually found its way into our passenger vehicles.

The Indianapolis 500 is credited with the rearview mirror, turbocharging, and safety belts just to name a few. Turbocharging was first tried in 1952 at Indianapolis. The turbocharged roadster won the Indy pole in ’52 and finished well in the 500. Here is a closer look at the others and a few more to consider.

  1. In 1911, Indy 500’s first winner mounted a mirror to his race car as he opted to race without a riding mechanic, much the chagrin of his competitors. Upon reflection, it was a competitive edge that helped seal the victory.
  2. Indy 500 drivers of the 50’s took WW 2 aircraft pilot belts from Army surplus stores and had their mechanics install them in their racers. Safety belts became standard in vehicles in 1963.
  3. NASCAR is credited with improving the aerodynamics of passenger cars, the use of an inner lined tired that won’t burst when punctured, and improving fuel injection in engines. NASCAR has had a big impact on modern cars.
  4. Manufacturers have adopted Formula 1’s use of lightweight composite materials and having electronic driver controls engineered into steering wheels. Both seen in most of today’s cars.

All of them, and many others, were almost immediately adopted by automobile manufacturers throughout the world.

Now, you don’t have to go out and race your Toyota Tacoma to experience all its incredible features. Although you can pretend. But when you are out enjoying the 2017 Tacoma’s smooth performance, rugged capabilities, and advanced safety, remember, there was a wide-eyed racer in the past who sought a competitive edge or who simply longed to race again.

Visit  you local South Hills Toyota dealership and explore the 2017 Toyota Tacoma.

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 2017 Toyota Highlander | South Hills Toyota | Canonsburg, PA


2017 Highlander safety decades in the making

Mid-sized SUV buyers receive updates in looks, power, and safety in the 2017 Toyota Highlander from a year ago, and the results are an incredible amount of value that is rarely found in one vehicle.

Safety becomes paramount for 2017 in the Highlander. It takes on features that are usually only found in upper tier trims and makes them standard. Increased horsepower, along with a composed ride are other highlights and with comfortable three row seating, SUV buyers receive a vehicle that represents all the key qualities that make the SUV the most popular vehicle choice for most buyers.

Vehicle safety can be taken for granted these days with our rear-view cameras and lane change assist technology, but there is another part of the story that is often forgotten. There is a long history of innovation that has pushed our cars to an unbelievable level of safety, unimaginable to our motoring forbearers of years gone past.

Three leaps in vehicle safety innovation

Here are three safety improvements leaps from the past. Because of these innovations, today’s vehicles need only take small steps to deliver gains in safety.

  1. Seat belts.

An obvious improvement, but for the automobile’s first 40 plus years, drivers and passengers were left woefully unprotected from what damage could occur when a two-thousand-pound vehicle, traveling as fast as a train, suddenly came to a halt.

The automobile seat belt was invented early, at about the same time as the car itself, but was not implemented until Volvo installed the first three-point safety belt in the mid ‘50’s as a part of offering an extra incentive to purchase one of its vehicles.

Offering it as an option in the ‘60’s, American automobile manufacturers were finally required by US Congress to make seat belts standard in all vehicles in 1963.

  1. The safety cell.

What is a safety cell? It is an essentially a roll cage for a car. It is made of strengthened steel, and its job is to protect passengers in the milliseconds following a collision after crumple areas have absorbed most the force of a crash. First developed by Mercedes, it has been a feature in luxury vehicles for decades. It is now a standard feature in nearly all modern vehicles.

  1. Radial tires.

Often not thought of as a safety feature, the invention of radial tires has not only helped greatly increase the speed and performance of modern vehicles, it has also contributed greatly to preventing drivers losing control and crashing their vehicles. Before radial tires, cars were essentially bouncing around on rubber balloons that could fail at any time.

The radial tire changed that by constructing the tire’s rubber core diagonally from the center outward. Non-radial tires were built with core sections going across.


Visit at Toyota Dealership today and explore the 2017 Toyota Highlander and remember the decades of safety innovation bred into it.

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