April 2017
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The 2017 Toyota Avalon and Better Barbecue


 2017 Toyota Avalon | South Hills Toyota | Canonsburg, PA

The 2017 Toyota Avalon is a full-sized sedan that offers more luxury than the popular Camry, while hovering just below the Lexus models in features and price. It fills a void for buyers looking for a great car, with great luxury, but who just don’t want stretch the budget any further than they must.

The Avalon has a nice style – straight forward, but still distinctive. It has refined performance features, and comes with one of the best safety platforms in the business.

Additions for 2017 are safety features, previously seen only in higher trims, now being standard on all Avalon models.  

The Avalon comes with a powerful 3.5L V6 engine generating 268hp and 248lbs of torque. While a hybrid engine is not in the cards right now, the 2017 Avalon still produces a very respectable 31mpg combined. Independent suspension increases handling and ride comfort, and two drive modes, Normal and Sport, automatically adjust to different road conditions. Steering is aided with Electronic Power Steering, and in Sport mode, steering and throttling get quicker.

Specially designed diffuser panels underneath the Avalon reduce turbulence and increase handling and damper wind noise.

Sleek and sculpted, the Avalon exterior is powerful and refined. It possesses a bold grille with Toyota’s signature pronounced black fin fascia. Chrome accents provide a nice contrast in the body to make the Avalon standout. Dual exhaust adds a sport dimension to the ear of the Avalon, and available LED head and taillights, and available black wheels increase the powerful look of the Avalon.

Visit a Toyota dealership and explore the 2017 Toyota Avalon. Improve yourself at the grille and on the road. 

Better Barbecue

 Looking to up your game on the barbecue this summer? By smoking your meat with wood chips, you can gain an added dimension to your meatman empire. But before you lay your first bag of wood chips over that glorious flame, you first must consider some very important wood wisdom.

Use and understand these woods and you’ll be well on your way to grilling glory.

Fruit bearing trees like apple, cherry, and peach are great for smoking meat. These woods impart a mild sweetness to the flavor of meats and are excellent choices for chicken and fish and pork.

Birch wood is considered a good mild wood to use and is great for salmon and pork. Mixing birch with fruit bearing woods can increase the flavor profile.

Medium woods to consider are hickory, maple, pecan, oakThey also happen to be the most available. These woods are the workhorses of wood smoking. Pork does excellent with any one of these and beef benefits from these medium woods by receiving a smooth, mild but rich flavor profile.

However, to kick things up a notch and go for grilling immortality, mesquite wood is the most intense and is the go to wood to smoke beef. 

So, enjoy your grilling this season and hope this bit of wood knowledge will help you achieve grilling mastery. Something else with elements of mastery that you can enjoy: the 2017 Toyota Avalon.     

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