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Built in Texas, USA, the Tundra is an Americanized truck that has opted lately to keep it old school by offering a highly functional big truck at a great value.

The 2017 Toyota Tundra hits just the right balance between comfort and capability in the large truck category. While other manufacturer’s big trucks drift away from the original purpose and function of trucks with ever increasing luxury features, the Tundra recently has drawn a line to focus more on what a truck does well.

The Tundra base price starts out a little bit higher than the competition, but as the Tundra’s trim models go up, the price compared to other truck manufacturers goes significantly down. That is because Toyota trim models move up per added functionality, rather than increasing extravagant luxury items.

Buyers eventually win with a lot of truck for the money. So, if a truck buyer is looking for as much truck as possible, then the 2017 Toyota Tundra is the choice for real truck owners.

2017 Tundra Performance as good as it gets

The 2017 Tundra comes in six models from the regular cab SR, to the crew cab, 4WD off road behemoth, TRD pro. All of them are powered with a V8 engine available in 4.6L or 5.7L, depending on model. A 6-speed automatic is the Tundra’s lone transmission. The 5.7L V8 produces 381hp and 401lb-ft is good for a big truck segment leading 10,000lbs towing capacity.

To slow down all that power, the Tundra has the largest in class front brakes. The rear differential is outfitted with a huge 10.5-inch ring gear to amplify power. The Tundra’s Limited-Slip Differential increases traction by automatically applying individual braking to wheels losing grip.

It’s a-TRAC 4WD is astute because it manages the power going to the front and rear wheels without interfering with the driver’s throttle input. 

2017 Tundra technology tops in trucks

Audio Display and Back up camera are standard. The Multi-Information displays all the information in easy to view gauges with brightly lit symbols and numbers. The Available Entune™ is a hub of technology features. It has integrated Navigation and App Suits. And all can be accessed with Bluetooth® hands free communication.

Toyota delivers with the Tundra’s exterior and interior

The exterior of the 2017 Tundra is nice looking. It combines elements of athleticism, and rounded aerodynamic features, without going overboard. The front grille is its most dominant visual feature and coincides with the large trucks segment’s image as powerful and capable.

The Tundra’s interior is a study in fit and finish. Every detail is carefully crafted. The cab is roomy for both the front seat passengers and those in back. The instrument panel is simple, driver centric, and has big knobs and controls for easy use. Leather appointed heated front seats are available and dual climate control is standard.

Visit South Hills Honda dealership for a closer look at the dynamic 2017 Toyota Tundra. The Indy 500 is upon us at the end of May. Its storied history seems to have no end. Is there a secret to its staying power? Well, it’s got to be something                           

The secret to the Indy 500

The Indy 500 will run once again this May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Though it has diminished in the last two and a half decades, come May 28th , the massive grandstands that surround the 2 ½ mile oval will be nearly filled to its capacity with fans from all over the world excited to witness yet another running of the “greatest spectacle in racing.”

Once, the Indy 500 was one of the grandest sporting events in the world. The combination of record breaking speed, huge year to year leaps in innovation, driver bravery, and cottage industry race teams that built their own machines was a formula so intoxicating that for decades’ qualifications attracted crowds of up to 200,000 people. 

And the danger involved for the drivers was akin to parachuting out of a downed airplane in an active war zone with a barrel of gasoline strapped to their back – and doing it again and again. But those days are long gone.

And yet it still goes on. But here is an insight. The track is still 2 ½ miles long with 9-degree banking. Eleven rows of three still start the race on Memorial Day weekend. Back home again in Indiana is still sung. The winner drinks milk and the cars go faster than you can believe. The secret to the Indy 500 is… that it is the Indy 500.      

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The 2017 Tacoma has the best resale value of any other mid-sized truck. It comes in six models, from the extended cab SR workhorse to the high performance TRD Pro Crew Cab. Not mater which one you choose; all possess the trademark Toyota quality and performance.

Across all six models, you will find two engine sizes, and four-wheel drive is available for all. Both manual and automatic transmission are offered as well. The exterior is tough, sporty, and sophisticated. Inside, the Tacoma is built to be used with rugged materials that don’t compromise comfort or visual appeal.

It has 6,800 lbs. of towing capacity and is just as much a technological wonder as any other vehicle on the road. It has a standard GoPro® mount, back-up camera and available Qi-compatible wireless charging. It also has available Entune™ Audio system and comes with Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Now that you are more familiar with 2017 Toyota Tacoma, here is a look at six outside influences that impact vehicle sales. And visit South Hills Toyota and explore the 2017 Toyota Tacoma.                      

 Six outside influences that impact vehicle sales

1.Good Economy/Bad Economy

Typically, when the economy is healthy, so are car sales. Buyers looking for loans will see higher interest rates, and find it harder to qualify for loans in a better economy. And demand for new cars go up as well. During a down economy, lower interest rates are available and becomes qualifying for a car loan becomes easier. And used car sales typically go up when the economy goes down.

2. Surplus of new cars

In a bad economy as car sales decrease, a surplus of inventory often occurs. This is a time when vehicle buyers can discover incentives, as dealers attempt to unload vehicles from lots to increase sales.  

3. Time of year

Used cars sell better during the spring and summer. This may be due to young people leaving college and seeking that first car. Tax returns could also play a role.

Trucks and SUVs often have higher sales in the winter. When people look around and see harsh winter weather, it often leads them to gravitate to bigger, more capable vehicles.

The holiday season results in lower car sales with disposable income being directed at Christmas spending. It is the holiday months that buyers can expect dealerships to offer good incentives.

4. Gas Prices

When gas prices go up, buyers adjust by seeking out more fuel-efficient vehicles to own. Smaller vehicle sales, hybrid, and smaller engine sized sales go up.  Bigger vehicles like large SUVs and truck sales become more attractive to vehicle buyers when gas prices drop. This can occur very quickly, signaling a preference US car buyers have for larger vehicles.

5. Mileage

Selling a vehicle with a large amount of mileage makes it much more difficult to sell. Once a vehicle surpasses 100,000 miles on the odometer, the prospects of a quick sale go significantly down.

6. Demographics

In a fluctuating economy, used car sales remain high due to the uncertainty of buyer’s bottom lines. So, some types of used vehicles are good sellers no matter what. Younger people often fall into this category of buyer.   

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