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Toyota 4Runner

Used Toyota 4Runner

I have counted 23 SUVs in my block and though some of the people I know have families and lug out the infant seat every time they are going out, the rest I am pretty sure are not even married.

Therefore, I took it up as a personal project to ask around about why in the world everyone was honorably adhering to the SUV rage. I wanted to get some answers before buying my own Toyota 4Runner and fighting for my car's god given right of parking space.

Apparently the battle starts with the station wagon that made its way to the car lovers list a few years ago. I was told that SUVs have more cargo capacity, and they are taller if not as long as the station wagons.

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer SUVs is that an SUV feels more comfortable to drive as it makes it look like the person is driving safely. It is larger with taller seating, and apart from personal taste, there is that psychological factor residing there, one that you never listened to in psychology 101 about our minds leaning towards shield being the equivalent of comfort.

Moving on, when I was asking around about SUVs, this one person went on and on about SUVs falling under the same criteria as all the other things that we as annoying neighbors look upon as a waste of space. We are talking about caravans, tow boats, second hummer cars in a small driveway, huge lawns, huge lawns for that kiddy pool and tricycles, huge lawns that are in desperate need of a mowingàthe list goes on. Anyway the truth is that most people buy SUVs because they looks way too tempting all shiny and glossy at the dealership. Does that sound like a bad thing? No! I"d do it. Not only will my Toyota 4Runner ace it in the snow but do it all in vogue.

Since we are talking about the car's ability to get around better, how can anyone forget that a four wheel drive SUV singlehandedly (or in this case four-wheeledly) get you the true off road experience. With the vacation season in full swing, the off road trails have got to be packed with all sorts of four wheel drives.

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